Los Angeles is the world’s dream factory and a metropolis with a past and present like no other. Here at Hollywood LA Tours, we’ve got stories to tell about the city that creates the tales the world tells itself. Our friendly and knowledgeable guides are here to take you on an adventure that includes L.A.’s most famous landmarks and hot spots. From Hollywood Blvd and the Sunset Strip to the unparalleled views on beautiful Mulholland Drive, to the exclusive boutiques of Rodeo Drive and the Playboy Headquarters, our gorgeous beaches and more, we offer a real L.A. experience with an emphasis on fun and excitement.

When you’re on tour with us, you never know when you might encounter a celebrity or spot a location from your favorite film or TV show. From the Viper Room and the Chateau Marmont on Sunset, where some of the world’s most influential figures played out their funny and tragic real life dramas, to the world famous Chinese Theater and the Walk of Fame where the stars of the past and present live forever, you’ll have fun exploring the city that exports fun worldwide.

Our tour guides know the city’s in-and-outs like few others, and they are with you to provide the most enjoyable experience possible. L.A. is a city of a 1001 stories, and our guides are here to provide you with the always dramatic, sometimes hilarious, often scandalous, and always fascinating tales about Hollywood’s most legendary figures.

The Greater Los Angeles Area is truly enormous – far bigger than most newcomers imagine — so it takes some real know-how to effectively cover the famed TMZ (thirty-mile zone) the entertainment industry calls home. From the watering holes of the rich and famous to the homes of superstars, on our tours you never know what or who you might see next.

Wherever you come from, Hollywood LA Tours is here to provide you with an experience you’ll never forget. We know that you only have so much time to spend here in L.A., so our two and five hour tours are designed to give you a fun and briskly paced deep dive into the City of Angels.

If you want to learn more about our tours, call our Hollywood Boulevard office at 818-318-4703 and ask about our two and five hour tours for you, your family, or a touring group. You can also book your tour online right now. We can’t wait to meet you on our Best Hollywood Tours in Town.




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6609 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028

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