Is a Hollywood LA Tour a good idea even if I have access to a car?

Yes! Having access to a car in sprawling Los Angeles is nearly always helpful, but even lifetime residents can have problems getting around. For out-of-towners, it can be almost impossible to know where to start. Taking a tour with us is a fun and informative way to make sure you hit most of the most famed LA destinations and get a lay of the land. It’s an excellent way to start out your trip and, afterwards, you can decide which parts of town you’d like to get to know in more detail.

How long are your tours?

Our tour covering the Hollywood and Beverly Hills area is two hours long. Our comprehensive “LA in a Day” tour, which includes LA’s most famous beaches in San Monica and Venice as well as the internationally renowned Farmers Market, takes 6.5 hours.

Do you offer a shuttle to and from your location?

Yes. If you’re staying at a hotel in the Hollywood/West Hollywood and Beverly Hills area, we have shuttles that can take you to our Hollywood Blvd. location. To find out if your hotel is included, please call us 323-310-3464.

I hear that parking in Los Angeles can be difficult and expensive. Do you have your own parking?

You hear right, but we’re happy to say we offer free, convenient parking to our customers.

We don’t have access to a car and we’re not staying in the Hollywood, West Hollywood, or Beverly Hills area. How can we can get to your Hollywood Blvd. location

Ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber make it easy to get around Los Angeles and are much less expensive than taxis. However, depending on where you’re staying, public transportation may be a viable and cheaper option.  Our public transportation system is still spotty, but it’s improved radically in recent years.

If you’re staying in Downtown LA, Silverlake, Koreatown, the Hollywood and Highland Metro station is easy to get to.  If you’re “over the hill” in the San Fernando Valley area it’s only a little more challenging. The North Hollywood Red Line station on the eastern side of the Valley is just two stops from Hollywood and Highland. (Note: North Hollywood is actually several miles from Hollywood…it’s like they’re actually trying to confuse people!) The Orange Line, a dedicated express bus lane, can take you to the NoHo station from areas like Woodland Hills and Encino to in the Western San Fernando Valley.  If you have a lot of time and like trains, it’s also possible to get to Hollywood by rail from as far away as Long Beach, Culver City, and Santa Monica. For details, see the LA Metro web site and its Trip Planner page.We also very strongly suggest reading this TimeOut article, an excellent general explainer about the expanded subway and light rail systems in the LA area.




6609 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028

6609 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028

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