Hollywood Sign Tour

You might think you’ve seen everything, but you’ve never seen Tinseltown until you’ve taken a Hollywood sign tour with Hollywood LA Tours. The sign is an iconic landmark that has stirred the imagination of millions, but that’s only the beginning. From Mann’s Chinese Theater, where you can match your hand and footprints to the stars, to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, we will take you to the most exciting destinations of The City of Dreams.

Why just watch La La Land when you can check out Mulholland Drive and the Santa Monica Pier in person? Experience Rodeo Drive, the famous boulevard where the rich and famous go shopping…or check out the Viper Room, where the hipster’s party and show business history has been made, some of it tragic.


The Inside Scoop

They say Hollywood is a company town. Our knowledgeable tour guides will give you the inside-scoop right in the heart of the city, from the Sunset Strip to celebrity mansions across town. You’ve read about the high life and lowlife in the pages of famous novels. Experience the same streets seen in countless classic noir movies from LA Confidential and Chinatown to the original hard-boiled movies of the 1950s.

If you really want to live like the stars, why not take the 6.5-hour tour? Cruise the Sunset Strip where world-class hotels and bars open their doors to celebrities from around the world. Lunch at the world famous Los Angeles Farmer’s Market. Stroll along the funky Venice Beach Boardwalk where roller skaters in bikinis are far from the most unusual sight. Whether you take the short and breezy 2-hour tour of Hollywood and snap a few choice pictures or the 6.5-hour blockbuster, our guides will make you feel like a showbiz insider. And, of course, both really are Hollywood sign tours. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on that!

Tinseltown Awaits!

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