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LA sightseeing can be an experience you’ll remember for years to come, but it really helps to have a guide who knows what’s what and a comfortable vehicle to get around in. Indeed, people who have never visited Los Angeles are often unprepared for the scale and size of the place. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is one exciting locale that most tourists consider mandatory. However, if you’re next stop is Rodeo Drive, it’s about a twenty minute drive. Want to see LA’s world famous coastline, it’s another half hour (or more) for the eight mile trip from Beverly Hills to the Santa Monica Pier.  Fortunately, Hollywood LA Tours is here to show you the way with comfortable and clean buses to get around the City of Angels, and knowledgeable and entertaining tour guides to explain it all for you.

From the Tinseltown hotspots where entertainment history was made to the swankiest celebrity homes of Beverly Hills, to the glamorous boutiques of Beverly Hills, we’ll show you around town in style and help you understand the city where the world’s dreams are made.  We know just the right places to visit, and our tour guides have all the best stories to tell. And, you never know, there’s always the chance of a random celebrity encounter.

Hollywood LA Tours offers a two hour tour for those who want an enjoyable fast-paced look featuring all of the LA sightseeing highlights. For those who want to explore the land of dreams in more depth, our 6.5 hour tour takes the time to let you see more of the beaches of Santa Monica, and enjoy lunch from any of the 28 eateries at the World Famous LA Farmer’s Market. Whichever choice you make, our customers tell us our Los Angeles tours and Hollywood Sign Tours are the very best.

If you’ve just come to town or are planning a trip to Los Angeles sometime in the near future, our friendly team here at Hollywood LA Tours wants to hear from you. Just call us at the number below or fill out the contact form below. The best of LA LA Land awaits!


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