Our guides will do their best to find the things that you are interested in seeing. So don’t be shy about making requests or reminding your guide that you love the movie “Pretty Woman” and would like to see where Julia Roberts stood on the balcony at the end.

Two hours goes by pretty fast and most tour guides modify the route throughout the course of the day to compensate for traffic. If there is something you really want to see, be sure to tell your guide. Otherwise sit back and enjoy the ride while we introduce you to some of the most famous places in the world.


Hi my name is James! I’m the kind of guy that just likes to give people a great, keep it real simple. You’re the most important person on my bus- keeping you safe and giving you a great drive around Los Angeles and the Hollywood Sign, and a little bit of History & little bit of fun!


My name is Alana! I’ve been touring the Hollywood scene for four years. I love to show tourists from all over the world some of the hottest things in the USA. Ask me any questions while you’re on the tour. The idea is that you have as much fun when you’re with me.


My name is Andy but they call me Jackie Chan! I just love to take you around on my tour and show people from other countries just what to see in Hollywood -it’s just fun. I’ve been touring this city here for the last four to five years.


Voted number 1 company tour guide for 2016, Susan brings togeather a great mix of fun and information on her tour. She aims to always offer a great service to tourist coming from all over the world. Safety is her main priority when providing a satisfying and amazing tour.


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